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"To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success."


Henry J. Heinz


Cohab is a non-profit hub providing entrepreneurs at all levels the traction to achieve success.


We believe the pathway to a stronger community begins with empowering our home grown talent and keeping them rooted in North Louisiana.

Cohab is committed to transparency. Please click here to view our Guidestar Profile.
500 Clyde Fant, Suite 200
Shreveport, LA 71101

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Cohab's Board of Directors


Taylor Jamison

Strategic Action Council


Wendy Horton




Lauren Aldridge

Heard, McElroy, & Vestal



John Chidlow


Hilton Nicholson

CyberReef Solutions


Everardo Recendiz


Holly Lawrence

Enterprise Computing Services 

Wendell Riley

LSU Shreveport

Turaeza Hose

Prep Cakes


Liz Swaine

Downtown Development Authority


David "Rocky" Rockett

Greater Bossier Economic Development Foundation

Jim Malsch, Immediate Past Chairman

JRM Ventures

Cohab's Staff

Executive Director

Jessica Schiele

Communnity Leader

Jordan Cole

Jessica has been with Cohab since it launched in 2010. She has worked with all of the businesses that have come through Cohab to help them gain traction and grow.


Jessica's background is in TV news as a news producer in Baltimore and the Hearst-Argyle group. She also served as a technology specialist for the AP. This background comes in handy when helping companies develop marketing strategies. Jessica came to Cohab by way of a failed media startup, strengthening her passion for helping new companies develop smart business practices early.


This is Jordan's second time working with entrepreneurs and business owners here at Cohab, and we couldn't be more excited for him to be back!

Jordan keeps his finger on the pulse of new technology and business constantly (as is evident by his three monitor setup). 

Jordan has particular interest in SEO building and AI Development. He's also a pretty big SpaceX fan. 

We can't wait to start creating cool new content for all of our followers backed by Jordan's know how!