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Getting Your Marketing Organized for the New Year

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

The start of a new year can be exciting. It's the perfect chance to start off fresh and do all of those little things we've been putting off.

For many (if not most) business owners, that can mean exploring ways to reach more customers more effectively. But while holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas might present "no-brainer" ways to market to potential leads, the months that follow can leave us scratching our heads over just what to talk about with our customers.

So, what do we need to consider when choosing and creating a marketing strategy and content for the rest of the year? Here are some things to think about as you start your journey.

  1. Define your goals. You know you NEED to have a visible presence, but do you know why or what you're hoping to accomplish with it? According to Analytico, marketing is supposed to do three things, "Capture Attention, Educate Prospects, and Convert Sales." These are high level functions, and may need to be adjusted for a business' goals, but if you've never stopped to ask yourself, "What will a successful marketing plan accomplish," how will you ever know if you've achieved it? Need some direction on potential goals? Click here.

  2. Know Your Audience. Modern marketing, particularly social media marketing can seem like a nearly impossible puzzle to solve, but the effort of setting up the ideal campaign isn't for naught. Technology today can allow you to be laser focused on the kind of buyer/client you want to attract. The only catch? You need to know who that is first. Consider creating a buyer persona that details the ideal customer you would like to attract. Then you can start to work on how to reach them! Want help creating a buyer persona? Try this!

  3. Track Your Results. Back to that bit about technology. The ability to target your buyer persona isn't the only upside it presents. Whether you're marketing by social media, improving SEO, or investing in more traditional media (radio, TV, or newspaper), technology and processes exist to help you see what works, and more importantly, what doesn't. This article from SMDigital Partners can give you some ideas about what's out there to help you track results, but try not to get overwhelmed. As in anything, you can "keep it simple." Try starting out by asking leads how they found you. Also be sure to ask anyone you're paying for marketing what kind of data they can provide you with from their end.

  4. Use 1 - 3 (above) and WRITE DOWN your plan. Why? Well, for one thing, you may have read at some point that writing down your goals makes you more likely to achieve them, ridiculously more likely, in fact (like "more than a 100% difference in results" more likely). So why limit those results to your personal New Years resolutions? On top of that, a written plan means that all of the hard work you're putting in up there (⬆) isn't forgotten and wasted by Q2. Write down your goals, chart out your buyer persona, and detail how you want to track your results. You have a destination in mind now. It's time to draw yourself a map! Need some additional help getting started? We like this simple guide and one page template from eternal works but free guides and templates abound, so be sure to look around for a good fit for your company.

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